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Smells Like Flanders

This quality piece of riding is an attempt of separating the men from the other simian species.  If you don’t know why it’s named the way it is, do yourself a favor and ride something else.

The ride goes up Highway 145 to Ophir then veers onto dirt at the Illium Road turnoff.  This dirt section is a fast downhill, so imagine yourself being Andrea Tafi or Franco Ballerini; that is use your biggest gear, sit back in your saddle with hands on the hoods (or drops) and let the good times roll.  Some of the turns are blind so please ride within your comfort level and use caution as there may be oncoming traffic.

Follow the road all the way back to Highway 145 going to Placerville, where you turn left onto the said pavement.  The smoothness doesn’t last long, because you then turn right onto Deep Creek Road and embrace the texture of dirt and mag chloride in the shape of some steep climbing.  Try to stand and your rear wheel will spin, so have a seat and enjoy the grind.

Stay right and eventually you end up at the top of the Airport Road.  From here you can catch your flight or turn left and head back home and straight into a fetal position under your bed.

This ride demands respect and should be done in moderation, much like drugs and whoring. One lapse of judgment can scar you for life or punch your ticket.