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The ride is little closer to home but in the same direction as the Naturita Ride.  Take a left at Placeville and enjoy the high speed twisties.  Pacelines rule here, so grab some friends and make them your domestiques.  You eventually get to the bottom of Norwood Hill, and the climb allows for a change in scenery and a general higher sense of being. 

Continue on past the top of the hill so you can replenish your supplies at the Norwood Grocery Store.  While you drink your water and devour your chemically induced “high performance energy bar” feel free to read the bulletin board attached to the side of the building.  Good stuff here.

Once all is in order, start back, enjoy the descent, then do yourselves a favor and re-form the paceline.  At Placerville, stop at the General Store for some Coke, Pepsi or magazines, then gather yourself for the assault on Keystone Hill; it’s a good one and you can use some reading material.  If it’s too windy and cold, rip out the pages and stick them under your jersey for an air barrier; it works.