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About 50 miles of Beauty! 

Head north on Highway 145 to Placerville.  Take a right here and climb Dallas Divide (see description), proceed to Ridgway then take another right on Highway 550 heading south-ish.  This has a tight shoulder in some spots and many travelers take this stretch, so ride carefully.  The road is somewhat up and down and windy.  You actually gain in elevation which makes sense as you will feel that you should be going much faster than you are; it’s the grade not you.

Once in Ouray, go to the Hot Springs to relax, or head back towards Ridgway and hit Orvis Hot Springs where clothes are optional for a more pure level of relaxation.  Should you choose to do this, be friendly and try to meet some nice folks that may offer you a ride back, or resign to hitchhiking.  If you let the air out of both tires, then it’s considered a mechanical problem and people tend to be much more sympathetic. 

Bottom line is that I don’t recommend riding your bike after a good soak at either pool.  It’s like drinking and driving; not good for you or others.