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There is no “e” in the name; remember that!

This ride is next leg extension of riding Dallas Divide (see description).  A 12 mile descent from the top of the pass into the town of Ridgway, is pretty nice.  Once in town, take advantage of the many shops, restaurants and coffee establishments.  Keep clear of some of the older Wild West types and they may not take kindly to folks in lycra; just a cautionary heads up.

Climbing back up the back side of Dallas Divide is food for the soul.  Find a good tempo and get ready to spend some time getting yourself acquainted to your bike’s handlebars, stem and top tube because you will be looking at them for some time.  Due to its southern exposure and depending on the season, this climb tends to get hot.  Here you can watch your drops of sweat turn to salt on your bike’s components. Native Americans use sweat lodges for purification purposes.  By the time you reach the top, you will be purged of all impurities: mental, physical, and if you're lucky you may experience a vision quest.

Good times!