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RED MOUNTAIN_photo.jpg

Red Mountain

Well this is somewhat of a bigger ride, with a good dose of both distance and elevation, so use your discretion and get some base miles in your legs before attempting.

You head “Down Valley” and ride up Dallas Divide (see description) then continue down the back side to Ridgway (see description).  From Ridgway, hang a right towards Ouray (see description).  Blow through Ouray and start evaluating your granny gears, as the climb out is somewhat formidable.  Red Mountain Pass is one of the most spectacular passes in the world and is a good portion of the “Million Dollar Highway”.  And that is how you will be feeling riding this extreme pass; like a million bucks of pure bad-assness.  On the left you have a vertical rock wall, and on the right you have a sheer drop off.  Keep your bearings on this, lest you lose your line and go off the cliff, at which point you will experience a brief episode of flying then your eggs get scrambled.  If you still have it together, continue on towards Ironton and up, up, up tight switchbacks and further ascension. 

By this point it’s all mental, so keep your faculties intact and you shall conquer accordingly.

At the top, congratulate yourself and bask in the glory of your achievement, then mount up before you stiffen up or sleet and lightening from the gods descend upon you.  Remember, you’re in the high mountains where mythical creatures and harsh weather make for a good cocktail.

Ride down and treasure the beauty and speed of the descent.  This one is definitely worth the climb. 

The way back is the same as the way there only in reverse, so you shouldn’t lose your way.