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The "Crank"





Good morning riders and Happy (Belgian) Spring!!

 It's 2014 and we are starting the weekly group rides - beginning Tuesday May 5th;

Tuesday - 5:30 pm

Thursday - 5:30 pm

Saturday - 8:30ish am

 A few new things for this year;  

 Meeting Place - Travis Young with Box Canyon Cycles has offered to host the meeting place at his shop located at 398 West Colorado Avenue. He has a full service operation for all your cycling needs! (also an exterior hose bib should anyone need to shave their legs prior to the ride - ha! - this is a joke so if you need to shave please do this in the privacy of your own shower)

 Rides - We will be adding a few new rides this year as well as some dirt.  We will start out as usual with some easier ones to get our legs, sit bones, backs, necks and wrists used to the aero positions we all strive for.  

For down valley rides we will have some vehicle support as well.

 Rules - General riding rules will be on the website, mainly addressing Colorado Laws.  As a reminder, please show respect to other traffic.  Our lanes are narrow already, so please ride single file and allow vehicles enough room to pass.  

Additionally, as this is a "group ride" we will work on pace line, etc. but the most important rule isdon't cross wheels and don't break suddenly - these two rules will get you far in mastering the craft of riding tactics.

Conduct / Tact on the Road / New Riders - There are a number of people who are new to road riding, and by nature there is a level of intimidation associated with this.  With this in mind, we ask that if you consider yourself a seasoned / mature / experienced rider, you show encouragement, support and class for all riders especially new ones.   Give people a heads up if you're coming up on them so as not to spook them.  Say "hi" and maybe ever ride with them a bit before spectacularly accelerating towards glory.

Website - Coming Soon!!!

This will have much more information as well as ride maps, riding tips, regional races, etc.

Support Telluride - specifically your local bike shops!  

They all do a tremendous amount for our community and as a locals, please give them your support.

Gravity Works

Box Canyon Bicycles

Paragon Sports (Boot Doctors)

Telluride Sports

Lastly, if you know anyone else interested in joining the group, please send their contact info and we will add them to the list.

Here's to a season of great riding!



Telluride Cycling Club

 ...ride forth victoriously!