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The "Crank"





First off, a big Thank You to Noah who led the ride to Dallas yesterday.  Sounds like it was a good day on the road.  Adrienne, glad that you were able to get back on the bike.

Well, since I missed yesterday's ride, I though I would wash my conscience clean and go for a ride today.  So out of bed I get and as the coffee is brewing, I send out a text to a few folks who I thought might be interested in joining me.  I got a few replies back that people were out of town, going later, or mountain biking.  A lonely feeling came over me perhaps best described by one of my college professors.

I believe this professor taught Chemistry, and was quite passionate about his subject.  He was funny too, a carbon copy of Cosmo Kramer on the popular The Seinfeld Show.  My professor  would swing his arms , laugh, cry and be quite animated and articulated in his teaching.  His passion was so overwhelming that his words couldn't come out fast enough.  When they did, they were accompanied by a shower of spittle. The whole class noticed the fact that generous doses of saliva were necessary to lubricate the gravity of his words so after the first few lectures, the front 2 rows would be fairly empty.  

Anyways, the only thing I remember that he said was something to this effect "I am a really nice guy; if I had any friends they could tell you" 

Well, this is how I felt this morning upon realizing that this may be a solo ride for me.

After my first coffee, a bit of reading and getting the kiddos their breakfast, my phone started to ping.  Good news I thought and sure enough, a couple of replies in the form of The Oz and Travis who were planning on riding.  Sweet!

So I meet Travis at Box Canyon Bicycles and we roll out.  As we are climbing Lawson hill, this fella is talking quite comfortably while riding.  My mom taught me that it was rude to walk away from people who are talking to you, but she never addressed proper etiquette when someone is talking while riding away from you.  Travis is strong and rides a lot like Tim;  just good form.  But the day was too nice to complain or press the issue.  At the top we meet Osborne, and as a trio we continue on our quest.  It was a good day to be outside so we took our time and made the best of it.  No one is home in San Bernardo so we blow through and make our way up Lizardhead.  I'm at the front doing my duty and after a few minutes I look back and notice a red jersey riding where Osborne should be.  I do a double take are realize that inside this jersey is none other than Mark. Cool! now we are at 4 riders; like the Four Horsemen which is pretty bad ass.

On the back side of Lizardhead, we face a strong head wind. "30 second turns boys" I yell and so we all organize ourselves into a paceline.  We each take our turns diligently and in spite of the head wind we are cooking at a good pace.  Smooth transitions make the train roll along with the precision of a Swiss watch. As we approach Rico, Oz and Travis go for it, Travis taking the sign and raising one arm in victory.  The momentum carries us to the Annie's Coffee Shack where we occupy a picnic table and spread out the food and drink.  We chat a bit and Oz mentions that he was at a wedding the night before where dancing, drinking and merry making made for a good time.  "Great" says I... "so you're running on alcohol today".  No one laughs as we all were too busy doing ample justice to the food set before us.  Fully satisfied and hydrated, we mount up and start back. 

It so happened that the head wind from the way there kept its course and now offered us a little push from behind. Nice and a leisurely pace we hold, really savoring the day.  Travis and Mark take off and climb the backside of the hill very well.  Oz and I contemplate our fates and mentally expound on the fine art of suffering.  Those guys wait for us at the top and we start back down.

The descent back home from the top of Lizardhead goes well with the exception of the sudden crosswinds we face at Trout Lake.  We are all doing gymnastics around our handlebars to achieve the most aero position, but the wind hits us like a bowling ball.  Much like a first shower at San Quentin, my sphincter automatically tightens and I sit up.  I look to see if my saddle is still attached to the seat post and upon realizing that it is, I have a seat and calm down.  Oz continues to descend like a mad man, clearly fueled by the Sour Mash still running through his veins; the hard man of Telluride. Very good!  

Like a rubber band we come back into formation, then Travis and Mark lead the way up the climb out of Ophir, wait for us and after Mark peels off, the other three members of the Horsemen, continue to admire and appreciate the day by rolling though it.  We are really blessed and today was a great example.

Here's to a nice piece of day and a nice piece of riding!

Good night!


Telluride Cycling Club

...ride forth victoriously!