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The "Crank"



2015 Spring Update


Alright folks,


Most of you have gotten a good taste of spring time; some by actually being outside, others by watching the weather channel.  Regardless, it's time for some tan lines boys and girls!  

Last Friday, my morning meeting was interrupted by a text ping.  Strong Rider, Stud Husband and Young Father Noah proposing an afternoon ride.  

Sweet! My train of thought was derailed and I actually had to confess it to the gal across the table as explanation for stopping mid-sentence.  

Damn nice out so what choice had I but to make it happen. Jesse committed as well and we met Noah at the roundabout.  We headed for Lizardhead, and let me tell you... that  Lawson Hill....never gets easier!

But, like oxen to the plow the bikes seem to remember the way to go, so we simply held on to the bars.  


As we were riding along, Jesse mentioned the Moab Ride known as the Gran Fondo!  

It's coming up, so sign up and let's get a Telluride group to represent! 

Link below.

Moab Utah Road Bike Event | Classic Italian Style

Gran Fondo Moab will be emulating an old Italian tradition. Cyclists riding this event will be using the famous La Mountain Loop Road near Moab, UT.


On other fronts:


For this year we will have the regular Road and Mountain Bike Rides but we will include a BEGINNER RIDE as well.  Why?  Well, because for some strange reason that continues to baffle me, the perception is that the rides are hard.  Other than the topography and elevation, it's really a cake walk... really.

Regardless, this ride will be on a separate day and open for beginners or anyone who wants to take it easy.  


On to the next order of business.

I just received an email from Mt Olympus that the New TCC Kits have been SHIPPED!  Yes, weaved in heavenly looms by the gods themselves and  just in time for the spring season.  Well, wouldn't you know it, as soon as I closed the store, I got emails from more folks wanting kits.  Sorry, but you will have to wait repentant in sackcloth and ashes (or in your old Nashbar sale rack threads) until the next  order.   Ohhh weep bitterly as you suit up in the shameful armor of mismatched bibs and jerseys with sunbursts, reptile designs and "funny one liners that are not funny".  I mean c'mon people, take yourselves seriously.


...but there is hope.


I do love you and because of that, I will soon send out "The Proper Aesthetic Etiquette of Cycling" that will cover the basics of cycling apparel as well as some advanced fine tuning for those with a more refined taste.  This will prove to be the foundation to better self esteem, confidence and, of course, performance.  It's the difference between driving a 1983 Buick Century vs. an Audi A7. Enough said, as I think the point is made.


The Spring Classics are on so do some research and find them on line (Cyclingnews or Steephill) or on the TV.  These are the real races!!!


Enjoy the Off Season and get some base miles in them legs.  


See you all after Spring Break!