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The "Crank"



2015 TCC Kits


Telluride Cyclists and others who want to look the part. 


Quite a few folks have been asking about purchasing TCC Kits so with the nice weather we have been having, I thought what the hey, lets open the store for one week starting today.   


One week only because we can't have too many people out there looking good and watering down the whole concept.


Didn't plan it this way, but this coincides with Valentines Day; yep, flying babies with bows and arrows.  

So love yourself and get you something nice.  

Just imagine...

When the kit arrives, close the door, turn down the lights, put on some Barry White as you try them on.  As the natural impulses take over, a deep passion will well up in your bosom; savor and enjoy this time, oh rider, because every time you suit up it will become like the warm embrace of a lover. Ohhh...lordy lor... how simple our basic needs are...


However, let the excitement settle down before you mount your steed and head out for a ride.  People may think you packed your banana in the wrong pocket.  No good.


A few things when ordering:

The kits run pretty true to American size unlike those Italian Brands like Nalini and Castelli, where you have to order giant sizes just to get past your ankles.  So, arm warmers, knee warmers and shoe covers are pretty close to what us Americans stretch to.


More important, please do yourself a favor - if you order a jersey get the matching bibs otherwise just refrain from the whole thing.  It's meant to be worn as a kit; hence the name implies (a group of parts).

What superhero have you seen wearing just a top?  None, because those who tried it got ridiculed and were never heard from again. 

Thank me for this one.  It's a freeby that I hope to not have to address again.